Fascination: Human Voice



Anyone who has experienced it before will have been surely moved: the mystical feeling that comes over you when you hear a single, straight voice with a Gregorian sequence in a large cathedral – completely pure and without any form of accompaniment. There is hardly a composer who has not composed something for the human voice. Especially in the recurring confrontation with love, with questions of faith and religion, and the reflection on death and transience, there is obviously no better alternative than to let the human singing voice “speak” directly and immediately to us humans.
This oldest and most original instrument, which can reflect all imaginable states of the soul in a direct and unadulterated way, is one of the most fascinating creations and touches us deeply.




Repertoire Kaleidoscope


From great cheers to deepest sadness

  • Bach: Christmas Oratorio
  • Händel: Solomon
  • Poulenc: Gloria
  • Bernstein: Chichester Psalms
  • Schumann: Paradise and the Peri
  • Beethoven: Christ on the Mount of Olives
  • Schönberg: Peace on Earth
  • Mahler: The Plaintive Song
  • Orff: Gisei – The Sacrifice
  • Verdi: Requiem

From quiet intimacy to overwhelming drama

  • Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine
  • Pärt: Te Deum
  • Bach: Motets
  • Gubaidulina: Canticle of the Sun
  • Mozart: Don Giovanni
  • Braunfels: Orchestral Songs
  • Xiaogang Ye: Song of the Earth
  • Vaughan Williams: Sea Symphony
  • Mahler: Resurrection Symphony
  • Britten: War Requiem