Faust: A Dance Project



13. June 2018 – Philharmonie am Gasteig, Munich
First Performance

Music: Franz Liszt
Organ version: Hansjörg Albrecht
Choreography: Matteo Carvone
Light: Tanja Rühl
Costume: Sarah Kaldewey ATELIER KALDEWEY
Video & Space-Mapping: Matteo Carvone, Raphael Kurig
Setdesign: Matteo Carvone, Christophe Maitrejean


Dancers of the Munich Gärtnerplatztheater
Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance
Organ: Hansjörg Albrecht



A cultural event of Faust Festival Munich


Faust Symphony for Organ & Dance according to Franz Liszt

With his Faust Symphony, Franz Liszt created a musical work that was very much ahead of its time. Using Goethe’s drama as the guiding idea, the symphony points out in three character images that striving for that »which holds the world together at its core« has become the central cultural asset. From a musical standpoint and as a genre-definer, the piece was revolutionary despite the fact that is one of the less well-known works of the composer.


Arranged for organ, the symphony becomes a truly unique performance as dance and music are brought together in the most fascinating way. The »queen of instruments« is put in the spotlight extraordinarily with the arrangement by Hansjörg Albrecht and the choreography by Matteo Carvone – supported by the dancers of the Gärtnerplatz Theater and the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance.


Hansjörg Albrecht is considered a fearless musical border crosser and lateral thinker. He consistently pursues his own path as a conductor – between the Baroque period and the present age, between the archives and new creations – and he has established himself amongst the virtuosi of his instrument with his organ transcriptions. Matteo Carvone studied dance and theater at Dance House in Milan and contributed greatly to numerous international productions throughout his career. He has been working as choreographer for festivals and competitions since 2010. The Gärtnerplatz Theater and the Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance do not only send an ensemble of international renown to the stage, they also display the highest level of creativity and technical perfection.